Weekend Recap

Hello, friends! Whyย is it that the weekends fly by so quickly?

I spent most of my time Saturday morning deep-cleaning our apartment. It. Was. Gross. I want to vow to never let it get that out of control again, but I will likely break that vow. So…moving on. ๐Ÿ™‚

In the midst of my cleaning I found a water leak that caused a puddle on our carpet outside our main bathroom, so we will be putting in an order to get that fixed.


As you can see, it’s rather gross under our sink right now. There are some definite mold & rot issues going on. We are renewing our lease in about 2 months so I’m thinking part of the deal will need to be getting that sink unit replaced. Mold, rot, & water leaks are bad news bears.

The rest of Saturday was spent cooking and enjoying my clean house. Isn’t it such an accomplishing feeling to sit down after cleaning EVERYthing and relax?? I made a pot of coffee and propped up my feet!

Sunday morning was a workout session and then volunteering with the kids at church. I work with the 2 year olds and they always provide plenty of entertainment. We learned about Jonah and watched some Veggie Tales while eating whale crackers!

That afternoon, my friend Jaye and I took a quick trip to Michael’s for an art supply haul. I picked up a few things that I will need for some fun little holiday & household projects. Behold the swag…

…alphabet stickers, 2 colorful Sharpies, a paintbrush, and 2 bottles of chalkboard paint. I got $16 worth of supplies for $12! Coupons, my friends. Michael’s always has great coupons every time I’ve made a visit there. I used the coupons available through the Michael’s app on my phone and I was able to get 50% off any regularly priced item and 40% off a brand of stickers that I bought. I felt really good about my purchase. Stay tuned for TTB thrifty crafts!

Sunday night Nate and I headed out to Chuy’s to celebrate our good friend Zach’s birthday. It was a fun time with awesome friends. Lots of beer, margaritas, chips & salsa, and deeeelicious cupcakes from Gigi’s Cupcakes. I was hyped up on waaaay too much sugar. Needless to say, I crashed pretty hard.

This morning we woke up to SNOW!! Nashville doesn’t get much snow in the winter and when it does snow, all hell seems to break loose. Today was [surprisingly] not like that. The roads were fine on the way to work and the snow looked beautiful as it quietly fell. It made me want to put Christmas music on, but I will wait until after Thanksgiving.

Some Nashville snow shots for you…


It was melty and slushy but it was pretty while it lasted. We are heading up to Michigan [where I’m from] for Thanksgiving on Wednesday. I’m kind of hoping there is a bunch on the ground so I can enjoy a bit of winter early… ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Monday! See you later this week.