Watercolor Arrows

Hello friends! I know, I know…back again after a long hiatus. This summer was crazy with my nanny kiddos and I worked 50 hours (or more) most every week. Needless to say, the blog got put on the back burner. But now that they are in school again I am ready to occupy my free time with something useful, so it’s back to the blog!

I had an awesome time on Sunday playing around with some Crayola watercolors and some watercolor paper that I found for under $8 total at Target. I also found an awesome picture frame at Target that was on clearance for $4, originally $15. Check those end caps for good deals, people! Seriously.

So I sat down on Sunday, got some ideas off Pinterest, and then went to work. I did some practicing first since I’ve never used watercolor in a serious fashion before. I’ve only ever painted with the kiddos making rainbows and such, so a little practice was in order. I found that it’s pretty easy to use watercolor because you can turn your “mistakes” into something cool if need be. Just put a little more water on it and move your brush! The girls I nanny have a book called “Beautiful Oops” which teaches that even your mistakes in art can be made into something beautiful. I applied the lesson in my own painting this weekend!

My goal was to make something decent that I could frame and hang in the apartment. I found a cute arrow painting on Pinterest that I decided I had enough talent to undertake and started painting. In the end, I think it turned out pretty well (feel free to tell me if I’m fooling myself)! The frame matched perfectly and I found a cute spot in our main bathroom to hang my masterpiece! 😉

The lesson here: you don’t have to spend a lot of money to spruce up your home. A few kid craft supplies and a clearance frame and our bathroom has a bit more of a personality now. Voila!

Have a wonderful Monday evening and I’ll see you back here again soon!