My First Pregnancy: Weeks 29 & 30

Hey everyone! Yes, it’s another two-for-one post. The past 2 weeks were pretty busy between my job and traveling to Michigan over the weekend for my baby shower, so I didn’t get the chance to sit down and write. So here we are!

The past 2 weeks have been active ones for this baby. She is noticeably stronger and she is in the habit of sticking her back and booty up into my right side’s ribs. I can tell she is running out of room between my pelvis and ribs (I have a short torso), so now there’s nowhere to go but out. 🙂 It is making sitting more uncomfortable and I have to recline quite a bit to get her out of my ribs. It made the car ride to Michigan a lot more uncomfortable than last time when I was just 20 weeks along.


She is hiccuping at least once a day, sometimes twice. I figured she’s in the head-down position because I can always feel the hiccups down in my pelvis and my midwife confirmed it this week…she is head down! There is still a chance she will wiggle around over the next few weeks and change position, but at that point, she was head down.


Our weekend getaway to Michigan was a lot of fun and I’m so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family. My baby shower was put together by family friends, Cortnee Kirby, Carly Crone, Anita Schlabach, my sister-in-law Hannah Troyer, and my mom. It was a beautiful shower with such cute decorations and delicious food. Especially the macaroni salad and the cake! The baby and I (and Nathan) were given lots of fun gifts and she has a full wardrobe of very cute clothes now.


The rest of the weekend was just relaxation with my family. We stayed at my brother Randy’s house where we enjoyed the pool and had a campfire each night. I got to spend time with both of my parents which I really enjoyed. I don’t get to see them often so I tried to soak up every moment.

My brother Randy and my sister-in-law, Hannah, are planning to come down when we are moving into our new house to help us get situated before the baby comes [hopefully!]. My mom & brother Daniel will be traveling down to Tennessee a few days after my due date so she can be around to help us out with getting settled in and with the baby whenever she decides to come (if she hasn’t come at that point). It will be a crazy time so I’m very grateful that she will be coming to help out. I have no idea what to expect but I know I have an amazing husband who will do whatever it takes, and we also have such a generous group of family and friends who are willing to help. I’m one lucky woman!

See you next week!



My First Pregnancy: Week 28

Helloooooo third trimester! It all started last week and the fun just keeps coming. 😉

I’m feeling pretty good 1.5 weeks into this trimester so I hope it continues… but I know in all reality I will soon be feeling exhausted and uncomfortable. I’m a tiny person and I’m already feeling huge so I can’t imagine what I’ll be feeling like around my due date! I’m banking on her coming late (as I think I’ve said before) so dear God, help me! Ha!


I don’t know why I picked my bathing suit for this photo, but there it is. My apologies!

This week the baby was a little over 2 pounds and about 15 inches in length, the size of a large eggplant. She is starting to pack on the fat and her growth length-wise is slowing down. As far as length goes, she should be pretty close to what she will be when she is born. Just a few more inches to go!

I had some heartburn this week and Tums are usually able to help calm it down. It’s very sporadic so I’m having a hard time figuring out exactly what is causing it. But, I just keep the Tums handy and I’m usually good to go.

My belly is starting to feel really heavy when I’m lying on my side in the bed so I’m using my Snoogle and other pillows to help make myself comfy at night. I wake up feeling very stiff and my back is usually sore, too. Luckily I’ve gotten into the habit of working out first thing in the [early] morning so warming up and stretching my body usually help alleviate all bedtime soreness and I’m good the rest of the day. I’ve found myself dreading lying down in bed, though, which I’ve NEVER had happen. It’s weird to not look forward to it.

We had our first private Bradley Method birth class with our teacher on Thursday last week and it was soooo much better than the group class! We were able to ask whatever questions we wanted and get the one-on-one teaching moments that we wouldn’t otherwise have. We have 4 more sessions to go. One of them is a rehearsal for labor (with the group class) which I’m a little nervous about since I’m the one “in labor”… like how much acting are we talking here?!? My only experience is a high school play. Haha! I’m sure it will be very helpful, though.

An off-topic update… our house is coming along nicely!


We walked through on Monday and the project managers said they were scheduled to begin drywall today or early next week. Everything looked great in our walk-through with just one electrical outlet placed in the wrong spot which was fixed that day.


They are on track for us to close on the 11th of October (yep, ONE DAY before I’m due), so we will hopefully be moving in shortly after that date. Nate is determined to get it done as quickly as possible (even if he has to do the bulk of the work) so we can be out of our tiny, nasty apartment whenever the baby decides to come. I like his plan.

See you next week with more!



DIY Nursery Closet Dividers

Hey everyone! I hope your hump day is going well. I got up early to get my workout in and then headed to my nanny fam’s house to pick up the girls and drop them off at their summer camps. I have had the day to myself so I enjoyed some sun by the pool, ate a yummy lunch, and I am working on gathering freezer meal recipes to prep for the baby’s arrival in a couple of months! Things are gearing up. It’s all so exciting!

Since our new townhome won’t be finished until October, I haven’t had the opportunity to nest, so I’m making due with mapping things out, doing a few crafts, and planning what the nursery will be like once we move in. Hopefully we will get to move in and set everything up before baby girl makes her grand entrance, but we will see!

One of the crafts I finished recently were some closet dividers so I can easily organize her clothes that will span from newborn to one year.


I got the idea from this blog and set out to buy my supplies. I was able to find everything at home, the Dollar Tree, and the dollar spot at Target. I spent a total of $3 on this project.


Supplies Needed:
– cardboard box (cereal boxes work great!)
– decorative tape (like washi – found this at Target)
– scrapbooking paper or paper stickers
– plain white printer paper for labeling
– markers or pencils for labeling
– something round (like a bowl & spice bottle) to trace your circles


The first step was to cut the cereal box into flat panels and cover it with the paper. My paper was a sticker on the backside, so I did not need glue. If you use scrapbooking paper, you will need to find a way to secure your paper to the box.


Once my box was covered, I flipped it to the backside to trace the cirlces I would need to cut out. I used a Pyrex bowl for the larger circle and a cinnamon spice shaker for the smaller one.


Next I cut along the lines and flipped the cardboard over to the paper-covered side. I picked a spot in the center of the circle to cut vertically for placing on the closet hanging rod.


I cut some small strips of washi tape next and made a base for where my label would go. I then cut a small piece of the printer paper and labeled it the correct size. I secured the paper onto the washi tape using more washi tape, and voila! It was done!

I repeated the process 3 more times to make a total of 4 dividers. One tip I took from the blogger that posted the original idea was to tape a coin on the backside of the dividers by the vertical slit so they are weighed down properly and won’t spin around the rod. I ended up taping 2 pennies on the backside of each divider. I tested it out afterward and the pennies do the trick!

I’m so excited to get into our house and get the baby’s room all set up, but our closing date is the day before my due date. I’m not betting on her coming early, so I’m hopeful that she will leave us enough time to get everything ready. 🙂 Babies can’t read calendars, though. Ha!


Have a great day, friends! See you with a weekly update post soon!



My First Pregnancy: Week 23

This is all going far too fast. I know I keep saying that and it’s like, “Be a little more cliche, Katie,” but it’s truuuuue. Ugh. 

We are to the point where it’s time to start planning baby showers. My friends here in Nashville are getting started with plans and so are my friends in Michigan. I decided I’d like to go home to celebrate with my circle of people there in addition to having a shower in Nashville. I’m really excited to make another trip up at the beginning of August. The eight hour drive may prove to be a bit more challenging this time around since I will be much more pregnant than I was in May, but it will be totally worth it!

As for week 23, it was another easy week of pregnancy bliss. I feel like this bliss will be coming to an end soon, though. The third trimester is rapidly approaching and I’ve heard a lot about how uncomfortable and tired you get. So, I’m trying to take advantage of the time I have left of feeling energetic and fairly comfortable in my own skin.


I will tell you this baby girl is wiggly! She was the size of an ear of corn last week and is over a pound now.  I know I probably miss a lot of her smaller movements because I have an anterior placenta (attached to the front of my belly instead of at my back). The movements I do feel are strong and they are happening more and more. A few of them have been visible on the outside of my belly which is so crazy-looking!

I’ve continued to do my 21 Day Fix workouts this past week and everything was feeling good. I’m modifying most of the moves because I can’t imagine doing some of them (like burpees, mountain climbers, and jumping jacks) in my current physical state. Plus I’ve done lots of research on the type of exercises that are and aren’t okay for pregnancy. Jumping is highly discouraged for the safety of the mother more than anything. I’m clumsy enough as it is. Can you imagine having a twisted or broken ankle on top of growing a human? I can’t. So no jumping for this preggo. 🙂

My eating habits are much better than they were in May and the first week of June so hopefully my efforts are slowing my unnecessary weight gain. I have my glucose test in about 2 weeks or so to see if I have gestational diabetes. I really hope that isn’t something I have to worry about, but with type 2 diabetes running in my family, I’m not very hopeful that I will escape it. All I can do is try to eat as well as possible and continue to exercise regularly. 

Did anyone else out there think they would have gestational diabetes and were surprised to not have it? Let me know! 


My First Pregnancy: Week 17

Hey everyone!

Week 17 was definitely a week for growth. The baby was the size of an onion last week (5 oz.) and was about 5 inches long. I was really hungry last week and was craving Cheez-Its (once again). I gave in and ate 3/4 of the box over the next few days. Nate ate the rest, thank God. 🙂

After I posted my week 16 update, my back slowly started to ache and eventually got to a point that made it very uncomfortable to sit on the couch or walk. If I was sitting on a couch, I needed to be straight up, supported by one or two pillows. Lying down helped but I had to be on my right side. Sleep was (fortunately) not disturbed by the pain.


I continued to exercise and added some extra yoga for the back into my week. The yoga I did provided some temporary relief but the pain eventually came back. It subsided over the weekend and at week 17’s close, I feel like my belly has definitely grown and is starting to harden. I’ve never had abs, so a hard stomach feels weird to me. 🙂

Other than back pain for a few days, week 17 was good. Oh, aside from my biggest pregnancy brain fail of the century…

I threw away my wedding ring and found it in the dumpster of our apartment 3 days later. On Friday, Nate came home with a beauuuutiful bouquet of flowers for me for Mother’s Day and I took my ring off to cut the stems and put them in a vase. (Side note: how sweet is my hubby?!) When I was heading to bed that night I realized I’d never put my ring back on and couldn’t remember when I’d set it down or where. We figured we’d find it in the morning.


Saturday and Sunday came and went and both days were full of searching high and low for my wedding ring. I even had my uber-sweet nanny family looking at their house just in case I’d left it there. Monday morning, I checked at my nanny family’s house as well and Nathan checked his office where I’d also been on Friday. No luck. I had a good cry at this point. I was so baffled that no one could find my ring and angry that I could have been so incredibly irresponsible with such a significant and sentimental item. Surely I would have left it somewhere easy to find! But no luck.

Then while I was working out Monday morning, I had this strong feeling that I needed to go out to the dumpster and check the trash Nate took out on Saturday morning. I knew the dumpster would be emptied any minute so I stopped my workout video and ran outside. Luckily, our trash was easy to identify and was right at the edge of the dumpster door. I carefully lifted the bag out and started searching. It didn’t take long for me to find my ring neatly wrapped inside the bouquet paper with all the stems I’d cut! I wanted to scream for joy! Instead I called Nate with the good news. He was so happy and so was I. He’d been so calm about the whole thing and I was very grateful to him for his laid-back attitude.

One hour later the garbage truck came and took away the trash. Thank you, Lord, for that unshakable thought to go dumpster diving! 🙂

See you next week with an update on how Week 18 is shaping up.