Money Saving Apps: Michael’s

Whenever I’m feeling crafty it’s off to Michael’s I go! They always seem to have great deals going on. But more than that, they give great coupons and promo codes to get discounts on items throughout the store.


The Michael’s app always has a great coupon. many times I’ve been able to get 50% off regularly priced items. On my last visit I got multiple discounts on 6 items and escaped for $7! It took care of an entire art project and then some.

The app is very easy to use. Just open it up, got to the menu, choose “coupons” and view what is available that day. More than likely you’ll find some great deals. These are today’s…


I am working on some new bedroom art soon I will be posting later about how it turns out. Fingers crossed!

This weekend was an eventful one in the TTB house. We had a nice morning date yesterday for Valentine’s Day. We headed over to a fun little spot we recently discovered called The Loving Pie Company. They serve coffee and every kind of pie you can imagine. Yesterday’s special was apple pie topped with cinnamon rolls.


What?! Yes. And it was so good. I was giddy when I ordered my slice. I’d been wanting to try it for awhile. As per the Valentine’s Day tradition, Nate and I got our Little Caesar’s pizza and enjoyed a nice evening in.

This afternoon consisted of chores and grocery shopping. We are currently under a snow storm warning and the grocery store was a bit hectic.


Why the bread? It’s always the bread. If you’re in any dangerous wintry weather, please stay safe and warm!