Pumpkin Decorating Shake Up!

Hello friendly budgeters! Obviously we are in the autumn/Halloween/harvest (whatever you want to call it) season which means… pumpkins! And pumpkin decorating! So much fun!

This year I tried something new with my nanny kiddos. They are a bit young to be swinging knives around and carving faces into their pumpkins, so we took a more kid-friendly approach to decorating pumpkins. I found the idea on Pinterest here.

All you need for this project is:
– Mod Podge
– Paint brush for applying the Mod Podge
– Colorful tissue paper cut into circles
– White pumpkins, preferably of basketball size-ish 🙂

The 6 year old I nanny (who we shall call “C”) had the day off school that day and she LOVES art projects, so we spent some time tracing circles onto the tissue paper we found in the closet. I got assigned the task of cutting them out. It took FOREVER. But it was totally worth it!

Our rainbow of color choices…


When the 4 year old got home (we shall call her “S” from now on), we headed outside to apply the Podge to our pumpkins. It was kind of messy (you know kids and glue…always too much), but you can get the Mod Podge off with just a little bit of water & scrubbing. Once the Mod Podge was on, the kiddos picked out the circles they wanted to place on the pumpkins and put them where they wanted.


When they were finished placing their decorations, I went back over everything with another layer of Mod Podge to seal them on and give the pumpkins a beautiful shiny look. We left them to dry for a few hours and then they were ready to be used for decoration around the house!

S admiring her & her sister’s pumpkins…


It was a project that the girls really enjoyed (they were excited about it all day) and it was incredibly easy to do. When we were done we had some circles leftover, so we ended up making some other art projects with them. They got pretty creative!

Let me know if you give this project a try and send me some pics!