The First Trimester

…is over! As of last week. Thank GOD. I know I had it easy compared to some women, but holy wow, that was not fun. Feeling nauseated unless I ate every 2 hours and tossing my cookies more than once in a few weeks was enough for me! Add to that being extremely tired. I enjoyed my naps but I didn’t have enough energy to do much other than eat bagels, pretzels, potatoes, and go for 30 minute walks (slow walks) on the treadmill.

Luckily my nausea has seemed to pass. It made its final stand in week 11 and hasn’t been back since! My energy is up and I’m back to my normal workout routine as well as normal appetite.

I am going to attempt to do weekly updates for my family and friends who are far away and not able to witness my pregnancy in person. 🙂 Anyone else who is interested is obviously welcome to read along as well!

Much love to you all and see you on Wednesday with week 14 & 15 updates!

:: Katie