My First Pregnancy: Week 25 & 26

Hey everyone!

I missed posting last week so today is a two-for-one! I had a hectic work week putting in some overtime and I didn’t have time to sit down and write. There’s not too much to be updated anyway, so I think it worked out well. 🙂

Week 25 was great with nothing too eventful happening. I had a solid week of energy and I finished off week three of the 21 Day Fix. I only gained 2 pounds in the last five weeks so I think cracking down a bit on what I was eating helped as well as mixing up my workout routine. I could tell that I’d gained some strength in my arms by the end which I’m very pleased with.

The energy I’m feeling has allowed me to keep up with my daily tasks at home and at work which I’m grateful for. I know the time may be near where I’m not feeling so lively, so I’m trying to not take it for granted! 😉 Also, making lists is helping me a TON since I can’t remember anything if I don’t write it down. I was a list-maker before but now it seems like it’s a requirement if I’m going to remember to do something. Oy!


In week 25 the baby was about 13 inches long and 1.5 pounds and I’ve started feeling her up in my ribs when I’m sitting. It’s a very uncomfortable sensation, but it’s kinda funny, too. I often push on her to try to get her kicking. I love feeling those little movements!

In week 26 I stayed on track with my healthy eats and exercise, though I did take a two days to rest. I was still active while working so I felt that active rest was juuuust fine. Of course it’s always fine to rest, especially when pregnant and I have to keep reminding myself of all the work that my body is doing while growing another human. It’s quite a job!


Week 26 was the first week we had our Bradley Method birth class and I think there will be some very beneficial things we can use when the baby’s birthday is finally here. If you’re curious about The Bradley Method, you can read more about it here.

We have a lot more to learn before the class is over and we switched from a group class to a private class so we can get the most out of it. Being with other couples is okay, but there are some things in a birth class that you just wish other people weren’t around for. Ha!

In week 26 I started experiencing regular back pain when I’m sleeping. I wake up to use the bathroom and my back is really achey. I have a nice support pillow (the Snoogle…it’s like sleeping in a cloud), but maybe staying in one position all night is bothering my back? I’m not really sure. I’ve also had a few instances of cramps in my calves when I go to stretch. One was bad enough I felt it for awhile after it had happened. I guess it’s time to eat more bananas!

Tomorrow I have the dreaded blood glucose test where I drink the 50g of sugar orange stuff and get tested for gestational diabetes. Yay… I’ll let you know how it all turns out next week. Have a wonderful day!



My First Pregnancy: Week 24

Hello everyone! It is a beautiful day in Nashville today and I’m getting ready to head out to the pool for some sun & relaxation. I love summer! My preggo belly likes it, too. 🙂 But first, time for week 24’s update.

She is continuing to grow and was the size of a large zucchini this week. She’s about 1.5 pounds and about 12 inches long…and she is making her presence known. I feel her wiggling hourly at the least. She’s even had hiccups a few times which makes me smile every time.


Now that I am feeling her move a lot more, it’s made my pregnancy become even more real to me and has even made me feel closer to her. I talk to her once in awhile now that she can hear my voice. My nanny kiddos love to push their faces against my belly and tell her they love her. It’s pretty cute. 🙂

At the end of week 24 I experienced my first real bout of heartburn. I’ve never had heartburn in my life so I wasn’t really sure what it was. I had an idea, but I literally looked up “what does heartburn feel like?” so I could figure it out. Sure enough, the description was spot on. So Nate bought me some Tums on his way home from work. I’ve been trying to eat smaller portions spread throughout the day instead of eating big meals since eating a lot at once can enhance heartburn.

Other than the brief heartburn spell, this week was great! I continued week 3 of the 21 Day Fix workouts, did my best to stick to healthy eating, though I did make some cupcakes this week and have had one or two a day for the last few days. I am obsessed with desserts right now and feel like I need something sweet to close out every meal I have. So this week I am working on having fruit for dessert instead of ice cream, cupcakes, or chocolate. But it’s haaaaard! For me, anyway. 😉

Our birth class starts in one week and I’m getting really excited to attend. I’m eager to learn and our instructor Jeannie seems to be one of the best we could have picked. She’s taught the class over 200 times and is a trained doula so she’s seen plenty of birth, as well as experienced it herself.

Also, Nate and I are looking for good books regarding taking care of newborns so if any of you have an recommendations, please let us know! See you again soon!


My First Pregnancy: Week 23

This is all going far too fast. I know I keep saying that and it’s like, “Be a little more cliche, Katie,” but it’s truuuuue. Ugh. 

We are to the point where it’s time to start planning baby showers. My friends here in Nashville are getting started with plans and so are my friends in Michigan. I decided I’d like to go home to celebrate with my circle of people there in addition to having a shower in Nashville. I’m really excited to make another trip up at the beginning of August. The eight hour drive may prove to be a bit more challenging this time around since I will be much more pregnant than I was in May, but it will be totally worth it!

As for week 23, it was another easy week of pregnancy bliss. I feel like this bliss will be coming to an end soon, though. The third trimester is rapidly approaching and I’ve heard a lot about how uncomfortable and tired you get. So, I’m trying to take advantage of the time I have left of feeling energetic and fairly comfortable in my own skin.


I will tell you this baby girl is wiggly! She was the size of an ear of corn last week and is over a pound now.  I know I probably miss a lot of her smaller movements because I have an anterior placenta (attached to the front of my belly instead of at my back). The movements I do feel are strong and they are happening more and more. A few of them have been visible on the outside of my belly which is so crazy-looking!

I’ve continued to do my 21 Day Fix workouts this past week and everything was feeling good. I’m modifying most of the moves because I can’t imagine doing some of them (like burpees, mountain climbers, and jumping jacks) in my current physical state. Plus I’ve done lots of research on the type of exercises that are and aren’t okay for pregnancy. Jumping is highly discouraged for the safety of the mother more than anything. I’m clumsy enough as it is. Can you imagine having a twisted or broken ankle on top of growing a human? I can’t. So no jumping for this preggo. 🙂

My eating habits are much better than they were in May and the first week of June so hopefully my efforts are slowing my unnecessary weight gain. I have my glucose test in about 2 weeks or so to see if I have gestational diabetes. I really hope that isn’t something I have to worry about, but with type 2 diabetes running in my family, I’m not very hopeful that I will escape it. All I can do is try to eat as well as possible and continue to exercise regularly. 

Did anyone else out there think they would have gestational diabetes and were surprised to not have it? Let me know! 


My First Pregnancy: Week 22

Hey everyone!

Week 22 is in the books. I can really relate to what I’ve heard people say about the second trimester being the “honeymoon phase” of pregnancy. I’m loving this part and have very little to complain about–really nothing to complain about when I think about it. I know I’m lucky and so I feel very grateful that my life has been minimally impacted by creating another life!

The only discomfort I felt this week is the continuing round ligament pain from my growing uterus. It really only shows up when I’m walking for an extended period of time. My nanny kiddos and I took a nature walk last week and I was struggling at times. I eagerly welcomed their suggestions to take a break on the benches we were passing! 🙂

I still have my usual amount of energy so I’m continuing to work out almost every day. At the end of week 22 I started doing the “21 Day Fix” workouts from the Beachbody line of training videos. I’m three days in and have enjoyed it so far. I follow the modifier in the videos a LOT since the regular level would definitely put me in the unsafe zone regarding heart rate, but I still sweat and I can tell I’m building my muscles up. I want to be as strong as possible when it comes time to birth this baby!


Along with doing the “21 Day Fix” workouts, I have made it a goal to try to eat as healthfully as possible so I can get my weight gain back on track. I know it will vary at different times in pregnancy, but I just don’t want it to get out of control. I know what some of you worriers may be thinking, but don’t fret! I am not starving myself! I’m just trying to be smarter about the foods I am consuming. Rather than going for unhealthy convenience foods, I am simply trying to plan my meals and snacks a bit better.

The highlight of this week was feeling LOTS of strong baby kicks and punches. When she’s really going for it, it’s very easy to feel her on the outside of my belly. Nate got to feel her over the weekend and it was so sweet! He had felt a faint kick back in week 18, but these kicks were unquestionable. I’ve tried to pick up on patterns in her movement but haven’t really found any quite yet.

According to my pregnancy app, the baby is a little over a pound now and is about 11.5 inches long, roughly the size of an ear of corn. Crazy! See you next week!




My First Pregnancy: Weeks 20 & 21

Hello everyone! Sorry for the short hiatus but we were on vacation last week and I’m behind on posting this week. I’m sure you’ve all been sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for this post (riiiiight…ha!). I’ve worked a 50 hour week with the nanny kiddos home from school all day, so things have been a little crazy to say the least.

Week 20 contained my first road trip while pregnant and it wasn’t too bad! We only had to make one extra stop so I could pee and I had a bit of back pain while sitting in the car, but otherwise it was pretty great! We were headed to Michigan to celebrate my youngest brother Daniel’s graduation from high school. It was a quick trip and a fun weekend seeing friends and family.


We stayed with my brother Randy and his family while we were there. They have 2 little boys of their own and Jack (2 years old) was very interested in figuring out exactly where his baby cousin was in my belly. He liked to unexpectedly lift my shirt to try and find her. 🙂


I startedfeeling some round ligament pain in my lower abdomen during week 20 and have continued to feel it, especially when I walk for an extended period of time. If I rest it goes away, but it’s not pleasant while it’s happening!

Sidenote: we are now over halfway through this pregnancy and that blows my mind.

While in Michigan we made our first big baby gear purchase: an Evenflo travel system! It came with an infant carrier, base, and stroller and we were so excited to find such a good deal on it. It even has an alert system for the car so you don’t leave your baby behind. I forced Nate to commemorate the moment with me… 🙂


Week 21 was also great, although at my midwife appointment I learned that I have now gained a total of EIGHTEEN POUNDS. Ughhhh. I let my eating habits waver a LOT in the last few weeks (vacation didn’t help) and I guess it has caught up to me. I was gaining weight so steadily at my last checkup that I thought I could spare some splurges…but I think I’ve splurged a bit too much. 🙂 I talked to my midwife and she said yes, I am a little on the heavier side of where they’d like me to be, but the biggest thing it to just be aware of my eating habits and do my best to make good choices. So I’m making it a point, a very serious and sincere point, to eat healthfully from now on.


We had our anatomy scan last week which produced completely healthy and normal results. The baby’s heart is strong and everything is measuring right on schedule! The tech told us she was about 15 ounces in weight so I’m sure she’s a pound by now. It was so great to see her on the screen again. We got to watch her wiggling around, opening her mouth, and seeing her heart beating. It was so amazing!


Creepy skull pic… haha!


During week 21 I conquered camping while pregnant!  Nathan’s family road-tripped from Washington to Nashville and have since continued on to Florida and will be making their way back home soon. It was a hot, humid, and rainy week at the campground but we had a lot of fun. We got to relax, see some Nashville/Franklin historical sights, visit a new church, and eat lots of yummy food. We even celebrated Nathan’s 28th birthday together with a deeeelicious cream cheese dessert with fresh berries. Yum!


I guess that’s all for now. I will be back on the regularly scheduled update day next week hopefully! I hope your week is fantastic!



My First Pregnancy: Week 19

This baby bump is real and it’s slowly taking over, y’all.

Our little bean (or should I say mango – about 6 inches and 6 ounces) and I are working on completing week 20 which means week 19 is done! It was another comfy week with not much to complain about, except having to pee every half hour. I mean, really? My bladder is the size of a ping pong ball. Maybe smaller. Ugh.

It is getting more difficult to bend over to tie my shoes & shave my legs, or pick something up off the floor. I’ve resorted to squatting most of the time which is fine. A few extra squats a day will do my growing thighs some good. 🙂


This week Nate and I both had the experience of feeling the baby kick from the outside of my belly. It was amazing and I’m obsessed with trying to feel her move all the time. From the outside, the movement is very slight at this point in time. I think it feels a lot like when you feel your pulse, except more sporadic. I can’t wait until the movements on the outside are unmistakable so Nate can experience it more like I do.


I am feeling a bit anxious that I’ve hit the halfway point in this pregnancy. I feel like the time is going so fast and I am totally unprepared for labor, birth, and a baby, especially since we very likely won’t be in our new home until a week or 2 before she’s born. She could possible be born before the house is ready! Everyone says, “oh, you’ll go over your due date with your first baby,” but you can’t make a sweeping generalization like that. It’s unpredictable. Babies come when they want be it 42 weeks or 37 weeks. Life happens and things don’t turn out the way you thought.

So I’m anxious…if you couldn’t tell from that little rant. 😉

Our birth class begins at the beginning of July and I know that will do my mind (and Nathan’s) a LOT of good. I’ve been watching hundreds of birth videos (my reactions have evolved from “OMG!!!!Nooooo!” to “Okay, this is normal and I can do it”)  and reading lots of books on birth, but I feel like our class will help me prepare much better. It will also help Nathan prepare as my birth coach which puts my mind at ease. I have a feeling I’m going to be depending on him a LOT that day and he is a pro at getting my mind where it needs to be when I’m in an intense or stressful situation…or any situation, really.

Plus, we will be with others in the same spot as us and we will have an instructor who’s given birth herself and knows how to teach us both the things we really need to know for when that day finally gets here. Whenever that may be… 😉

Did any of you learn something valuable from a birth class that helped you during labor? Please share if you are willing!

Week 2o update coming your way in a week!


My First Pregnancy: Week 18

Hello! Another week down, 22(ish) weeks to go!

This week our baby was the size of a sweet potato. She was about 5.5″ long and 6.5 ounces. Aaaand for the first time this week I felt her sweet little flutters of movement! It wasn’t a super magical moment when it first happened because I didn’t really realize what it was until I kept noticing it over the next few days. Now it’s easy for me to pick out when I’m paying attention. I feel her most when I’m sitting still on the couch. It’s a very cool feeling and somewhat reassuring that things are okay in there.

My tummy continues to grow and I’m having to modify my exercises and stretches more and more these days. I was doing some yoga on my tummy (which I won’t be doing anymore) and noticed that I could feel my uterus just below my belly button now. It felt like a hard little ball inside. So weird!


The cravings returned last week in the form of Oreos. I kept it slightly under control and just had a few here and there, unlike my Cheez-It binge…haha! I have been eating lots of fruit lately. I’ve eaten entire fresh pineapples on two occasions (two different weeks).

I’m still feeling great with lots of energy and getting good rest. I have to use the bathroom a lot, but other than that, I can’t complain! I have had some nesting urges and spent Monday morning prepping some closet organizers for the nursery. I’ll post on those soon.

All in all, week 18 was easy and fun. Week 19 is off to a great start, too! Soon I’ll be at the halfway point and that is just craziness.