Christmas Gift Idea: Decorated Mugs

Hello friends!

We are only 15 days away from Christmas after today. Isn’t that crazy? Where did this year go!? We had a particularly crazy year with Nathan quitting his job in April to attend a web developer’s boot camp and start a new career path. It took 6 months to complete and now he is in a solid, full-time job doing something he really enjoys. We are able to continue making progress toward being debt free and begin saving for a house this year! I cannot wait to have my own space one day. No shared walls, no sound curfews, and no rules about where you can and can’t park! What a glorious day it will be! J

As I was saying… Christmas is upon us! If you’re still thinking of fun, easy, and cost-effective gift ideas, I may have one for you here on this post…mug designing! You do NOT have to be an artist to design a fun mug for a friend or family member. All you need is a solid-colored mug, some permanent markers (preferably paint or oil-based permanent, but a regular Sharpie works just fine, too), some alphabet stickers, and an oven.

I got this idea from Pinterest (of course). I got my blank mugs from Target.


I looked at the Dollar Tree and didn’t find much there. One of my friends mentioned looking at Goodwill, too. I did not do that, but I will be going in a few days to see if they have anything fun. I have a few more ideas I’d like to try.
Obviously, the letters on the mugs are initials of the giftees. J I bought some alphabet stickers at Michael’s to use. Stick them on the mug where you’d like your design to be. Next, take your marker and begin dotting carefully around the letters you’ve stuck onto the mug. The center of the mug should be more densely-dotted so once the stickers are removed you will be able to see the letters. As you work your way out, start spacing the dots out more until you feel you’ve made the design you like best.

When the mug is done, bake it in the oven at 335*F for about 25 minutes. I’ve heard that permanent marker will eventually flake off if the mug is not hand-washed with a delicate sponge, so be sure to give the “hand wash only” instruction to the recipient.

This is just one decorating idea, of course. Pinterest has many, many more if you’d like to venture out and be a bit more creative. But I felt this was a good starting point for myself and for a lot of people out there who’ve never tried something like this before.

If you try it, let me know! I’d love to see a picture of your finished product.

Happy gifting!