My First Pregnancy: Week 23

This is all going far too fast. I know I keep saying that and it’s like, “Be a little more cliche, Katie,” but it’s truuuuue. Ugh. 

We are to the point where it’s time to start planning baby showers. My friends here in Nashville are getting started with plans and so are my friends in Michigan. I decided I’d like to go home to celebrate with my circle of people there in addition to having a shower in Nashville. I’m really excited to make another trip up at the beginning of August. The eight hour drive may prove to be a bit more challenging this time around since I will be much more pregnant than I was in May, but it will be totally worth it!

As for week 23, it was another easy week of pregnancy bliss. I feel like this bliss will be coming to an end soon, though. The third trimester is rapidly approaching and I’ve heard a lot about how uncomfortable and tired you get. So, I’m trying to take advantage of the time I have left of feeling energetic and fairly comfortable in my own skin.


I will tell you this baby girl is wiggly! She was the size of an ear of corn last week and is over a pound now.  I know I probably miss a lot of her smaller movements because I have an anterior placenta (attached to the front of my belly instead of at my back). The movements I do feel are strong and they are happening more and more. A few of them have been visible on the outside of my belly which is so crazy-looking!

I’ve continued to do my 21 Day Fix workouts this past week and everything was feeling good. I’m modifying most of the moves because I can’t imagine doing some of them (like burpees, mountain climbers, and jumping jacks) in my current physical state. Plus I’ve done lots of research on the type of exercises that are and aren’t okay for pregnancy. Jumping is highly discouraged for the safety of the mother more than anything. I’m clumsy enough as it is. Can you imagine having a twisted or broken ankle on top of growing a human? I can’t. So no jumping for this preggo. 🙂

My eating habits are much better than they were in May and the first week of June so hopefully my efforts are slowing my unnecessary weight gain. I have my glucose test in about 2 weeks or so to see if I have gestational diabetes. I really hope that isn’t something I have to worry about, but with type 2 diabetes running in my family, I’m not very hopeful that I will escape it. All I can do is try to eat as well as possible and continue to exercise regularly. 

Did anyone else out there think they would have gestational diabetes and were surprised to not have it? Let me know!