My First Pregnancy: Week 28

Helloooooo third trimester! It all started last week and the fun just keeps coming. 😉

I’m feeling pretty good 1.5 weeks into this trimester so I hope it continues… but I know in all reality I will soon be feeling exhausted and uncomfortable. I’m a tiny person and I’m already feeling huge so I can’t imagine what I’ll be feeling like around my due date! I’m banking on her coming late (as I think I’ve said before) so dear God, help me! Ha!


I don’t know why I picked my bathing suit for this photo, but there it is. My apologies!

This week the baby was a little over 2 pounds and about 15 inches in length, the size of a large eggplant. She is starting to pack on the fat and her growth length-wise is slowing down. As far as length goes, she should be pretty close to what she will be when she is born. Just a few more inches to go!

I had some heartburn this week and Tums are usually able to help calm it down. It’s very sporadic so I’m having a hard time figuring out exactly what is causing it. But, I just keep the Tums handy and I’m usually good to go.

My belly is starting to feel really heavy when I’m lying on my side in the bed so I’m using my Snoogle and other pillows to help make myself comfy at night. I wake up feeling very stiff and my back is usually sore, too. Luckily I’ve gotten into the habit of working out first thing in the [early] morning so warming up and stretching my body usually help alleviate all bedtime soreness and I’m good the rest of the day. I’ve found myself dreading lying down in bed, though, which I’ve NEVER had happen. It’s weird to not look forward to it.

We had our first private Bradley Method birth class with our teacher on Thursday last week and it was soooo much better than the group class! We were able to ask whatever questions we wanted and get the one-on-one teaching moments that we wouldn’t otherwise have. We have 4 more sessions to go. One of them is a rehearsal for labor (with the group class) which I’m a little nervous about since I’m the one “in labor”… like how much acting are we talking here?!? My only experience is a high school play. Haha! I’m sure it will be very helpful, though.

An off-topic update… our house is coming along nicely!


We walked through on Monday and the project managers said they were scheduled to begin drywall today or early next week. Everything looked great in our walk-through with just one electrical outlet placed in the wrong spot which was fixed that day.


They are on track for us to close on the 11th of October (yep, ONE DAY before I’m due), so we will hopefully be moving in shortly after that date. Nate is determined to get it done as quickly as possible (even if he has to do the bulk of the work) so we can be out of our tiny, nasty apartment whenever the baby decides to come. I like his plan.

See you next week with more!




Another Hiatus, Another Update

Off and on, off and on. My relationship with this blog seems to be like that of Ross & Rachel. 🙂 For now, it’s on again.


We are so excited and can’t wait to move in. It is a town home being built in Franklin, TN and will be finished around the beginning of October if all stays on schedule. The builder claims to stick pretty closely to their timeline, so we’ll see how it works out.

It is a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home with a one car garage and it is about 1,600 square feet. It’s in the perfect location for what we need right now so we decided to jump in head first. We felt like we made our decision a bit quickly but we also feel like in Nashville/Franklin’s housing market, you just have to decide. The town home we bought had already increased significantly since Christmas and they are only continuing to go up. By the time we move in, we should have instant equity on our home just due to rising demand and costs.

We shopped with an awesome realtor from Benchmark Realty. I’d highly recommend them to anyone (Michelle Froedge and Carrie Hill). They taught us about the home-buying process and what to expect without making us feel like idiots for not already knowing. They listened to what we were looking for and didn’t make us feel like we were being unrealistic. We even asked if our expectations were too high. They said it sounded like we’d been doing our research, though it may be hard to find what we wanted in the location we were wanting.

They were right. All of the homes that were in our price range were in a part of the city that was less than desirable for us. One of the main goals was to significantly decrease Nathan’s 30-40 minute commute to/from work and the locations we were seeing were going to keep it the same. That was just not going to work for us. When we did see a few gems in the right location for the right price, we’d have our realtor call just to find out there were already 10 or more offers and they weren’t accepting any more…and this was usually the same day they were listed! How do you compete with that??

That is why we ultimately decided to go the route of looking at new builds. We knew if we kept looking at regular houses on the market we’d just end up in bidding wars with not a lot to bargain with. With a new build, it’s kinda first come, first serve and there is no haggling on price, etc. You either like the place or you don’t. You’ll either pay the price on the contract or you don’t buy it. No sellers to deal with, no bidding wars. So we jumped. 🙂

So by the end of the year we will be settled into the town home on the far left which is pictured below. I can’t wait!

Shadow Green.jpg