About Katie and TTB


Hello future [and present] friends! My name is Katie and I am here to help you live your life on a budget. Having a budget doesn’t mean ending your life.  If you need tips on saving money, being thrifty, and having fun with little resource, then “This, That, and the Budget” is the place for you!

Nathan and I have been married for 6 years and we live in Nashville, TN. You can read more about us here. We’ve always been decent budgeters, but it wasn’t until we dropped down to one income that we really needed to be disciplined about where our money went. Out of that experience, the idea of sharing what I’ve learned with you was born.

“This, That, and the Budget” is my endeavor to inspire people living on budgets, tight or not. This is not a finance blog. I’m not qualified to give financial advice (aside from the fact that I’m just a natural nerd when it comes to putting finances together), so if you need real financial advice, please seek a professional.

However, I’m not writing only about money and budgets. I write about my life and ways to have a life on a budget. It’s all-encompassing. It covers everything you can think of, just with a thrifty spin!

Need some great date night or kid-friendly activity ideas for little money?
Need some cheap and easy meal ideas?
Want to know what apps can save you money?
Want to know how to keep your health in check without breaking the bank?
Want to creatively decorate your house using things you may already own?
Want to know how to make a simple budget?

This site encompasses everything from living healthy, budgets, shopping smart, meal-planning, recipes, DIY projects, free fun, and more. I look forward to getting to know you. Feel free to contact me with any questions or reader’s requests. You can find my contact info here. Welcome!



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