My First Pregnancy: Week 34

Hello! Can you believe I’m getting this post out on time? I can’t! Things are ramping up over here. We are working on selling and donating lots of our old furniture & random items that we don’t need anymore or will be replacing as well as buying new things for the new house. 

We were especially productive over Labor Day weekend and purchased our big-ticket items. We got our new mattress, our fridge, and couch! We also ordered our dining room chairs, accent chairs for our living room, and a console table for our living room. We put a coffee table on hold from World Market that was on display in the store but not in stock, but we’re not sure it’s “the one” we want. 😊We will see!

Nate set up my glider rocker that we will have in the new nursery and it’s my new favorite seat. I get really uncomfortable on our old couch so it’s nice to have a supportive seat where I can kick my feet up. Our cat decided to hijack it last night. She was lucky I was headed to bed. 😉

So I’m continuing to expand and the babe is continuing to fatten up. I’m getting more and more excited for the day she is born. I just want to be holding her now. Things are still uncomfortable with the whole baby-in-my-ribs thing happening. This week marked the first time I could feel her move along my rib cage and then kind of “pop” out when she got past the ribs. It did not feel nice. Haha! She is still getting like to of hiccups and is a wiggle worm. She is the size of a spaghetti squash now weighing in at about 5.5 pounds and is about 18-19 inches long. I believe it! She’s heavy! 

I have slowed down a bit on exercise but haven’t given up by any means. On Monday I conquered a nearly 3 mile walk with my friends at a local greenway in 90 degree heat! I felt very proud and, surprisingly, my body felt pretty great afterward. I thought I might regret it, but I didn’t! 

I had my first experience of a stranger at the grocery store touching my belly this week. I guess I should be grateful it’s taken this long, but Nate and I agreed…it was weird. 

Two and a half weeks remain of my nanny job and then it will really be crunch time for moving and getting baby stuff ready. I have all of our hospital bag packing lists ready to go. I will start packing them sometime next week juuuuust in case. I purchased the clothes I want to be in for labor & delivery and postpartum today. I’m keeping it simple with a cute sports bra and then a nursing tank for afterward. I’ve got a large Target shopping list to tackle this week. In two weeks I plan to get about 40 freezer meals put together so we will have lots of meal options to throw in the crockpot once the baby is here. There is so much more on my “to do” list but I’ll spare you all the details. 

I have been feeling very anxious and stressed about everything we have going on at once, but a very good friend (who is an awesome mom of 2 little ones) gently reminded me that soon it will all be a memory and that I shouldn’t let my memories be tainted by anxiety. It is my first will I remember it? I am fortunate to have had a wonderful pregnancy with a healthy baby & healthy me, and we are blessed to be bringing her into a lovely new home. If I go into labor on moving day, one day it will be a funny story. 😉 She encouraged me a lot with her perspective and I came away feeling empowered to get things done and if they don’t get done the way I thought, it’s OK! I need to soak up these last few weeks of my pregnancy, pamper myself, and enjoy time with Nathan. Our life is about to change forever!

See you next week!! 



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