My First Pregnancy: Week 27

The last week of my second trimester is over with and we are now in the home stretch! I am feeling larger these days and can feel how I’m changing the way I bend over, squat, get out of bed, get off the couch…it’s all becoming a bit more challenging! I’m getting lazier when it comes to shaving my legs. It’s just too uncomfortable to stay bent over for too long. Nathan’s first experience shaving legs may be coming sooner than we thought! 😉


This week the baby was about the size of an acorn squash weighing in at about 2 pounds. She is about 14.5 inches long and I can definitely tell! Her little body is constantly shoved into my right side’s ribs, especially when I’m sitting on the couch. I’ve been learning that sitting cross-legged is most comfortable for me. Sitting on the edge of the couch with my legs spread apart so my belly can drop between is pretty comfy, too.

I am peeing about 27,894 times a day now. Fun fun. 🙂

I had my first glucose test experience in week 27 and it really was not nearly as bad as I’ve heard women make it out to be. Maybe I got lucky with the type of drink they gave me, but I think some people may just be dramatic about it all. My drink was 10 ounces of orange-flavored sugar water which tasted exactly like orange soda without the carbonation. It was not syrup-like at all even though it had 50 grams of sugar in it. I drank it pretty quickly and felt fine until I got home and felt really sleepy. It kind of knocked my eating out of whack that day and I didn’t feel like I had much of an appetite, but I did not feel sick at all. Some women have said they felt so sick after. Maybe drinking a bunch of water afterward was what helped keep that feeling at bay for me, but I did not feel sick at all.


I have not heard directly from the midwives, but I was able to view my labs online and it appears that I am good to go! No gestational diabetes for this girl. Yay! I was so worried that I would have it because of my family history, but it seems my eating & exercise habits paid off this time around. I’ll take it!

See you next week with my update on the first week of my third trimester. WHAT?! Gosh, this is all really happening!



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