My First Pregnancy: Week 25 & 26

Hey everyone!

I missed posting last week so today is a two-for-one! I had a hectic work week putting in some overtime and I didn’t have time to sit down and write. There’s not too much to be updated anyway, so I think it worked out well. 🙂

Week 25 was great with nothing too eventful happening. I had a solid week of energy and I finished off week three of the 21 Day Fix. I only gained 2 pounds in the last five weeks so I think cracking down a bit on what I was eating helped as well as mixing up my workout routine. I could tell that I’d gained some strength in my arms by the end which I’m very pleased with.

The energy I’m feeling has allowed me to keep up with my daily tasks at home and at work which I’m grateful for. I know the time may be near where I’m not feeling so lively, so I’m trying to not take it for granted! 😉 Also, making lists is helping me a TON since I can’t remember anything if I don’t write it down. I was a list-maker before but now it seems like it’s a requirement if I’m going to remember to do something. Oy!


In week 25 the baby was about 13 inches long and 1.5 pounds and I’ve started feeling her up in my ribs when I’m sitting. It’s a very uncomfortable sensation, but it’s kinda funny, too. I often push on her to try to get her kicking. I love feeling those little movements!

In week 26 I stayed on track with my healthy eats and exercise, though I did take a two days to rest. I was still active while working so I felt that active rest was juuuust fine. Of course it’s always fine to rest, especially when pregnant and I have to keep reminding myself of all the work that my body is doing while growing another human. It’s quite a job!


Week 26 was the first week we had our Bradley Method birth class and I think there will be some very beneficial things we can use when the baby’s birthday is finally here. If you’re curious about The Bradley Method, you can read more about it here.

We have a lot more to learn before the class is over and we switched from a group class to a private class so we can get the most out of it. Being with other couples is okay, but there are some things in a birth class that you just wish other people weren’t around for. Ha!

In week 26 I started experiencing regular back pain when I’m sleeping. I wake up to use the bathroom and my back is really achey. I have a nice support pillow (the Snoogle…it’s like sleeping in a cloud), but maybe staying in one position all night is bothering my back? I’m not really sure. I’ve also had a few instances of cramps in my calves when I go to stretch. One was bad enough I felt it for awhile after it had happened. I guess it’s time to eat more bananas!

Tomorrow I have the dreaded blood glucose test where I drink the 50g of sugar orange stuff and get tested for gestational diabetes. Yay… I’ll let you know how it all turns out next week. Have a wonderful day!



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