My First Pregnancy: Weeks 20 & 21

Hello everyone! Sorry for the short hiatus but we were on vacation last week and I’m behind on posting this week. I’m sure you’ve all been sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for this post (riiiiight…ha!). I’ve worked a 50 hour week with the nanny kiddos home from school all day, so things have been a little crazy to say the least.

Week 20 contained my first road trip while pregnant and it wasn’t too bad! We only had to make one extra stop so I could pee and I had a bit of back pain while sitting in the car, but otherwise it was pretty great! We were headed to Michigan to celebrate my youngest brother Daniel’s graduation from high school. It was a quick trip and a fun weekend seeing friends and family.


We stayed with my brother Randy and his family while we were there. They have 2 little boys of their own and Jack (2 years old) was very interested in figuring out exactly where his baby cousin was in my belly. He liked to unexpectedly lift my shirt to try and find her. 🙂


I startedfeeling some round ligament pain in my lower abdomen during week 20 and have continued to feel it, especially when I walk for an extended period of time. If I rest it goes away, but it’s not pleasant while it’s happening!

Sidenote: we are now over halfway through this pregnancy and that blows my mind.

While in Michigan we made our first big baby gear purchase: an Evenflo travel system! It came with an infant carrier, base, and stroller and we were so excited to find such a good deal on it. It even has an alert system for the car so you don’t leave your baby behind. I forced Nate to commemorate the moment with me… 🙂


Week 21 was also great, although at my midwife appointment I learned that I have now gained a total of EIGHTEEN POUNDS. Ughhhh. I let my eating habits waver a LOT in the last few weeks (vacation didn’t help) and I guess it has caught up to me. I was gaining weight so steadily at my last checkup that I thought I could spare some splurges…but I think I’ve splurged a bit too much. 🙂 I talked to my midwife and she said yes, I am a little on the heavier side of where they’d like me to be, but the biggest thing it to just be aware of my eating habits and do my best to make good choices. So I’m making it a point, a very serious and sincere point, to eat healthfully from now on.


We had our anatomy scan last week which produced completely healthy and normal results. The baby’s heart is strong and everything is measuring right on schedule! The tech told us she was about 15 ounces in weight so I’m sure she’s a pound by now. It was so great to see her on the screen again. We got to watch her wiggling around, opening her mouth, and seeing her heart beating. It was so amazing!


Creepy skull pic… haha!


During week 21 I conquered camping while pregnant!  Nathan’s family road-tripped from Washington to Nashville and have since continued on to Florida and will be making their way back home soon. It was a hot, humid, and rainy week at the campground but we had a lot of fun. We got to relax, see some Nashville/Franklin historical sights, visit a new church, and eat lots of yummy food. We even celebrated Nathan’s 28th birthday together with a deeeelicious cream cheese dessert with fresh berries. Yum!


I guess that’s all for now. I will be back on the regularly scheduled update day next week hopefully! I hope your week is fantastic!




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