My First Pregnancy: Week 19

This baby bump is real and it’s slowly taking over, y’all.

Our little bean (or should I say mango – about 6 inches and 6 ounces) and I are working on completing week 20 which means week 19 is done! It was another comfy week with not much to complain about, except having to pee every half hour. I mean, really? My bladder is the size of a ping pong ball. Maybe smaller. Ugh.

It is getting more difficult to bend over to tie my shoes & shave my legs, or pick something up off the floor. I’ve resorted to squatting most of the time which is fine. A few extra squats a day will do my growing thighs some good. 🙂


This week Nate and I both had the experience of feeling the baby kick from the outside of my belly. It was amazing and I’m obsessed with trying to feel her move all the time. From the outside, the movement is very slight at this point in time. I think it feels a lot like when you feel your pulse, except more sporadic. I can’t wait until the movements on the outside are unmistakable so Nate can experience it more like I do.


I am feeling a bit anxious that I’ve hit the halfway point in this pregnancy. I feel like the time is going so fast and I am totally unprepared for labor, birth, and a baby, especially since we very likely won’t be in our new home until a week or 2 before she’s born. She could possible be born before the house is ready! Everyone says, “oh, you’ll go over your due date with your first baby,” but you can’t make a sweeping generalization like that. It’s unpredictable. Babies come when they want be it 42 weeks or 37 weeks. Life happens and things don’t turn out the way you thought.

So I’m anxious…if you couldn’t tell from that little rant. 😉

Our birth class begins at the beginning of July and I know that will do my mind (and Nathan’s) a LOT of good. I’ve been watching hundreds of birth videos (my reactions have evolved from “OMG!!!!Nooooo!” to “Okay, this is normal and I can do it”)  and reading lots of books on birth, but I feel like our class will help me prepare much better. It will also help Nathan prepare as my birth coach which puts my mind at ease. I have a feeling I’m going to be depending on him a LOT that day and he is a pro at getting my mind where it needs to be when I’m in an intense or stressful situation…or any situation, really.

Plus, we will be with others in the same spot as us and we will have an instructor who’s given birth herself and knows how to teach us both the things we really need to know for when that day finally gets here. Whenever that may be… 😉

Did any of you learn something valuable from a birth class that helped you during labor? Please share if you are willing!

Week 2o update coming your way in a week!



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