My First Pregnancy: Week 17

Hey everyone!

Week 17 was definitely a week for growth. The baby was the size of an onion last week (5 oz.) and was about 5 inches long. I was really hungry last week and was craving Cheez-Its (once again). I gave in and ate 3/4 of the box over the next few days. Nate ate the rest, thank God. 🙂

After I posted my week 16 update, my back slowly started to ache and eventually got to a point that made it very uncomfortable to sit on the couch or walk. If I was sitting on a couch, I needed to be straight up, supported by one or two pillows. Lying down helped but I had to be on my right side. Sleep was (fortunately) not disturbed by the pain.


I continued to exercise and added some extra yoga for the back into my week. The yoga I did provided some temporary relief but the pain eventually came back. It subsided over the weekend and at week 17’s close, I feel like my belly has definitely grown and is starting to harden. I’ve never had abs, so a hard stomach feels weird to me. 🙂

Other than back pain for a few days, week 17 was good. Oh, aside from my biggest pregnancy brain fail of the century…

I threw away my wedding ring and found it in the dumpster of our apartment 3 days later. On Friday, Nate came home with a beauuuutiful bouquet of flowers for me for Mother’s Day and I took my ring off to cut the stems and put them in a vase. (Side note: how sweet is my hubby?!) When I was heading to bed that night I realized I’d never put my ring back on and couldn’t remember when I’d set it down or where. We figured we’d find it in the morning.


Saturday and Sunday came and went and both days were full of searching high and low for my wedding ring. I even had my uber-sweet nanny family looking at their house just in case I’d left it there. Monday morning, I checked at my nanny family’s house as well and Nathan checked his office where I’d also been on Friday. No luck. I had a good cry at this point. I was so baffled that no one could find my ring and angry that I could have been so incredibly irresponsible with such a significant and sentimental item. Surely I would have left it somewhere easy to find! But no luck.

Then while I was working out Monday morning, I had this strong feeling that I needed to go out to the dumpster and check the trash Nate took out on Saturday morning. I knew the dumpster would be emptied any minute so I stopped my workout video and ran outside. Luckily, our trash was easy to identify and was right at the edge of the dumpster door. I carefully lifted the bag out and started searching. It didn’t take long for me to find my ring neatly wrapped inside the bouquet paper with all the stems I’d cut! I wanted to scream for joy! Instead I called Nate with the good news. He was so happy and so was I. He’d been so calm about the whole thing and I was very grateful to him for his laid-back attitude.

One hour later the garbage truck came and took away the trash. Thank you, Lord, for that unshakable thought to go dumpster diving! 🙂

See you next week with an update on how Week 18 is shaping up.



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