My First Pregnancy: Week 16

Okay, these past few weeks have flown by and I can’t believe the 16th week of my pregnancy is done. What the what?!

It was a fairly easy week considering my only challenge was being bothered that I only had one pair of maternity shorts to wear in the 80 degree weather every day. So I felt the urge to do some thrifting and headed over to Goodwill to see what I could find. After about a half hour or so of sifting through the racks (they mix them in with the non-pregnant shorts and pants so you have to hunt), I found 3 pairs of shorts that fit wonderfully. Two of the three are the Motherhood store brand which I scored for $5 each. Normally those can retail for nearly $35! Check your Goodwills, ladies!

I also wanted to find a few more maternity shirts but didn’t feel like scouring the Goodwill racks for those, so I headed over to Old Navy. They were having a sale for 30% off of every regularly priced item in the store, so I chose one shirt and called it good…for now. I’ve read to buy as you grow, so there will be a few more items bought in the future. Then I wandered into the infant clothes and found a cute little dress and hat for a total of $5. It was too good of a clearance deal and too cute of an outfit to pass up.

goodwill haul

Little miss was the size of an avocado this past week (about 4.6 inches and 3.5 oz) and will be growing very quickly over the next few weeks. By week 20 she will be nearly 10 inches long, if that tells you anything! Whew! We had a quick midwife visit on Friday and heard her little heart beating around 150 bpm! The midwife said that is right where she needs to be and everything seems great. Our next appointment is our ultrasound for her anatomy scan and that is the day after Memorial Day. I can’t wait to see her again!

I stuck to my usual eats again and tried to keep them as healthy as possible. I didn’t have any strong cravings this week…except one day when I splurged on some cronuts (croissant donut) from an awesome donut bakery here in Nashville called Five Daughters. I shared them with friends so I got my fix but didn’t overdo it. 😉

All in all, I’m feeling great. My energy levels are still up and I’m working out 4-5 times per week. I found a fantastic YouTube channel called “BodyFit by Amy” and she has an entire playlist of about 10 prenatal workouts that are just the right challenge level for someone growing a human. 😉 I always feel like I’ve gotten a good workout afterward. I’m also keeping yoga in my workout rotation, though there are definitely some poses that are being modified at this point. Obviously I am not lying flat on my back at this point, and any ab work is done standing or by doing planks.

I feel like my bump is at a stand-still right now but I’m sure it will be expanding a bit more in the next 4 weeks. I just want to look pregnant and not questionably pregnant, if you know what I mean. Right now it’s kinda like, “oh she has a food baby.” Ha!


We’ll see what Week 17 holds in store. I’m one day into it right now and all I can say is I’M HUNGRY. I guess that growth spurt may be starting? 😉

:: Katie




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