My First Pregnancy: Week 15

Baby, baby, baaaaby, ooooh, like–okay I’ll stop. 🙂

This week has been an exciting one! As I wrote over the weekend, we got to have our first ultrasound and found out we are having a girl. It was so incredible! Baby girl was the size of a pear this week and is flipping around, wiggling her fingers and toes, though I haven’t been able to feel anything yet. The tech at the ultrasound said I have a posterior placenta so I should start to feel movement very soon. Yay!


This past week I was craving ice cream. In large amounts. So I ate a bowl almost every night this week. Yikes…I have a midwife appointment on Friday so we’ll see if all that sugary goodness made me put on a few more pounds. 😉 I also had a sudden and intense craving for egg salad sandwiches and made a grocery run on Friday so I could fulfill my wish. I tried to stay on track with the rest of my eats, and I also got in all the exercise I was planning to do, so I think it all balances out pretty well.

Other than some intense cravings, I’m feeling pretty great right now. One odd (but common) thing I’ve noticed is my gums feeling a bit more sensitive when I brush my teeth and sometimes bleeding. I’ve started to brush gentler since I know I brush a little harshly normally.

I’ve also noticed that I’m constantly stuffy and have been getting just a couple random nosebleeds. Again completely normal due to increased blood volume in my body, but a little inconvenient at times. Like when you’re in a school pick-up line and have zero tissues in the car…ha!

I don’t feel like much belly growth has happened this week. It seems to vary from day to day. On this day, I felt particularly large, but cute… 🙂 The pigtails may have helped add to the cuteness factor. Haha!


I’m looking forward to the next few weeks. Yesterday marked the start of my 16th week and I was reading that this week my body and the baby are gearing up for a growth spurt. Maybe I’m naive, but that sounds fun! 😉

See you soon!

:: Katie



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