Our First Ultrasound!

This week was a momentous one for us; we got to see our baby via ultrasound for the first time and we also found out…it’s a GIRL!

My feeling was correct. 🙂 Nate is so excited and so am I. I’ve already gone a bit crazy registering for baby girl clothes. We walked around Target after our appointment yesterday and I could’ve stayed in the clothing section a LOT longer if Nate had let me, but he kept me on track. 😉


It’s an incredible feeling to finally see your baby just chillin’ inside your belly. Especially when you can’t feel anything happening in there yet! Our girlie was a bit stubborn at first and wouldn’t position herself so we could see her lady parts. The ultrasound tech had me bounce on an exercise ball for a minute and then get back on the table and voila! Clear as day, a baby girl.


Her heartbeat was strong at 154 beats per minute and the tech said her femur bone was measuring a week ahead. Maybe some long legs in her future? She definitely isn’t getting that from my side if so! 😉


Now comes the fun part…picking out a name. We have two first names that we really like and are tossing around first name/middle name combinations. We’re not sure if we will keep it a secret or share once we’ve decided. For now we’re just excited to have eliminated half of the choices by finding out the gender! 😉

See you on Wednesday with my week 15 stats!


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