My First Pregnancy: Week 14

Hey everyone! Yesterday marked the end of my 14th week of pregnancy! I’m feeling completely normal except for my slowly expanding waist. 🙂

The baby is the size of a large lemon in week 14. It’s strange to think there is something the size of a lemon living in my stomach and I can’t even feel it. I know it’s there because we heard a strong little heartbeat in week 11, but still, weird.


As I mentioned above, my belly is growing. I’ve worn maternity pants and shorts quite a few times at this point. My friend Keitha let me borrow a bunch of her clothes so I didn’t bother trying to make my normal clothes last too long. I tried the hair-tie-around-the-button trick, but maternity pants are just so comfy! I’ve gained about 5 pounds to this date, which I feel is pretty good. My midwife said I should gain 25-30 and I was right on track at my 11 week appointment. I’d only gained 3 pounds at that point in time.

I want to eat everything these days and I feel hungry a lot. I don’t seem to be having any food aversions aside from fried or scrambled eggs. Hard boiled are fine, but any other version is gross.

My biggest craving in weeks 13 & 14 were pickles with cream cheese. YUM. This week seems to be ice cream and I also had a moment of weakness with potato chips. Other than those things, I’ve been keeping my eats as healthy as I can. I’m trying to eat lots of protein  and lots of green stuff, but I’m also allowing myself to indulge a little in my cravings. My motto is “crave within reason.”

The start of week 15 is especially exciting for us because we are finding out the baby’s gender on Saturday! We haven’t had an ultrasound up to this point yet so we are both really eager to see what our little nugget is up to in there…and to see if it’s a girl or a boy. My bet is that it is a girl and Nate has no strong feeling either way. 😉 I used to picture myself as a mom of all boys but since I’ve been nannying for two girls, it’s much easier to see myself with girls, too.

See you next week with how week 15 is shaping up!

:: Katie




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