An Update!

Hi friends! I know, I know. You’re probably thinking, “I thought she gave up posting on this blog.” Well to be honest, I kind of did for a time. I was feeling uninspired and stressed at work most of the time. But Nate and I have had some significant changes happen over the time that has passed since my last post in February which I would love to share with you now. 

For starters, I quit my insurance job and am now working as a full time nanny! I realized I was no longer enjoying my work and dreaded going in each day, sitting at a desk, and performing the same old tasks. I needed something more flexible, more fun, and ever-changing. So I started looking for a job I though would fit my personality perfectly…nannying! 

I know some of you think I’m crazy. Why would I want to take care of other people’s kids? Most of you know I am eager to be a mom one day soon, and eventually I may become a Pre-K teacher. Children are my passion. I love seeing the world through their eyes and teaching them new things. I love the simple things they find to be so much fun…like playing “Hungry Hungry Hippos” 5 million times in a row, or doing an underdog on the swing set. I find children to be an endless source of fun. And if you pay close enough attention, they can teach you things, too. 

I was extremely blessed and found the PERFECT family to nanny for here in Nashville. They are the kindest, most caring, most involved parents and they are wonderful to work for. My schedule is extremely flexible while the two kids are in school which means I have more time to make this blog a priority. Yay! 

Another proud announcement to make…we now own our Mazda3! I literally just made the final payment on it about 10 minutes ago. What a great feeling! And we paid it off 2 years early. Now THAT is pretty neat! 

We would be 100% debt free right now, but in February we decided to “buy” a new car to replace Nathan’s 1993 Geo Metro which is slowly falling apart. It was given to us as a free gift and it served us wonderfully for five years, but it was time to start thinking about the future and what we would need to buy. So on Valentine’s Day, we bought a Mazda CX-7 which we are now paying on. We are going to do our best to get it paid off early so we can save for a house!  


Have you ever taken a risk and quit a secure job because you needed to do something you enjoyed? Life is too short! Do what you love.   


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