Dead Battery: A Real Life Budget Story

Hello everyone! I hope your Saturday is going fabulously well and you’re finding rest if you have the day off. If you’re working, I’m sorry. 🙂

It’s a gorgeous, sunny day in Nashville! Earlier this week it was incredibly cold and the temperature dipped down to sub-freezing temps. When we woke up on Thursday around 6:30 it was only 4 degrees out! That is mighty cold for living here.


I went about my morning routine and prepped myself to have to step outside and be on my way to work. I got into our car and tried to start it up, but all I got was some clicking. No engine turning over at all. Not even trying!

You may be able to guess…the cold killed our car battery. So Nathan drove me to work in his little Geo Metro until we could get the chance to try jumping the car. The first night we tried jumping the car, we didn’t let it charge long enough and it still wouldn’t start. So we thought there may be a bigger issue going on. I enlisted my dad and my aunt’s advise to help us diagnose the issue. They both said to try jumping it again; it’s probably the battery.

So Friday night we got home from work and jumped the car a second time. We let it charge for about 20 minutes this time. When I tried to start the car, it finally did. Yay! Victory! My aunt (who used to be a mechanic) advised driving to get a new battery…pronto!


I drove to Auto Zone where they do free battery testing and, if need be, will help you replace the battery in your car with a new one. They will install it and everything. I had them test the battery and sure enough, it was no good anymore. So we bought a new one and had them install it for us.

I tell you this story because this kind of unexpected situation is exactly the type that illustrates the importance of having a budget. We were able to quickly take care of the issue and pay for it to be fixed without breaking the bank, because we have a “car repair/tire” fund that was ready and waiting when the need arose.

We try to save about $75 per month for car repairs and tires. It’s not much, but over time that amount really adds up. If you ever need it, the money is there. It is a weight that can be lifted off your shoulders just by putting a few dollars away each month.

Do you have a story about a time your budget got you out of pinch? Do you have a story where you wished you’d had a budget and it inspired you to create one? Please share! 


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