Painted Mason Jars

I usually arrive pretty late to bandwagons, and the mason jar bandwagon has been no exception.

On my Goodwill shopping spree a few weeks back, I picked up 2 mason jars that I wasn’t quite sure how I’d use. After a bit of creative brainstorming, I found some tutorials on glass painting and decided I’d give it a whirl. I decided I’d use the jars as holders for little things in our bathroom on the counter.


I used Martha Stewart’s line of chalkboard paint to paint the glass. Our bathroom colors are brown & red so that’s what I went with for paint colors. 🙂 I painted one coat on the jars and let them dry for an hour before coating them again. Nate and I shared a game of Scrabble between coats.



I let the jars sit overnight. The next night I took out our industrial strength file and did some aging of the paint. It turned out quite well for the first time around.



Now we have some pretty new holders in our bathroom. It was a fun and inexpensive little project that anyone can do! I think I spent somewhere around $4 for the whole project. Done & done!



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