Financial Goals for 2015

Happy second day of 2015! I hope your Friday is going well.

It’s time to think about the upcoming year and what some realistic goals are for your family and finances. Maybe you want to save up for a vacation. Maybe you want to pay off some debt. Whatever the goal, remember your budget is there to help you.

If you don’t yet have a budget in place and don’t know where to begin, there are plenty of resources you can use (for free) that will help you put one in place. A great one to help you get started is found here on Dave Ramsey’s site. It helps show you the approximate percentage of your take home pay you should spend in the major budget categories.

Some other free budget tools can be found on the following sites: budgeting tool
Suze Orman’s expense tracker tool
Dave Ramsey’s detailed budget forms (printable)

Once you have your budget in place you can begin setting some financial goals. Nate and I revamped our budget just a bit when he got his new job in October. We decided we’d continue living modestly and start putting all of our overhead toward debt. Some of our financial goals for this year are…

1.) Pay off car loan by March
2.) Pay off school debt by May

At this point, if all goes according to plan, we will be debt-free! Which opens up the opportunity for the next goals…

3.) Buy Nate a gently-used car šŸ™‚
4.) Save, save, save our overhead to build up savings/emergency fund.

This is our year to finally finish up our debt and get ready for the next steps in our financial life. We hope to be ready to purchase a house by early 2016.

What are some of the financial goals you have set for this year?


4 thoughts on “Financial Goals for 2015

  1. very good tips…I didn’t have any budget plan, but I will take the advise I want to paid off my credit card by May and save for a trip to go back home…I will check those sites. Thank you!


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