Christmas Cookies!

If you’re looking for something fun and cheap to do with your family or friends, grab your aprons and mixers and get in the kitchen! Making homemade Christmas cookies & treats is a fun, easy-on-the-wallet way to enjoy the holiday season. Add in some friends and you’ve got yourself a little cookie exchange party! My friends and I have made this kind of day a Christmas season tradition, and this past weekend we did some serious baking and treat making.

We met up and got ourselves some caffeine to get the day started…

I had my Green Bay Packers shirt on for good luck…unfortunately, it didn’t work. 😦

Then it was time to get to work.  Those are snacks in the middle of the table… we didn’t use celery in any treats! Ewww…

E & J working hard on some chocolate peppermint & gingerbread cookies!

The finished chocolate peppermint cookies! How cool do they look?!

We also made “Christmas Trash” or “Christmas Crack” or whatever other name you’d like to call it.

And then the most fun and traditional cookies you can make…sugar cookies! Decorating them is one of the best parts of cookie day to me.

We always have some hilarious decorating mishaps, like this gingerbread man who lost his leg. So we added some blood and tears. Thankfully, the frosting was pretty solid and we were able to reattach the lost limb. 🙂

It was a successful cookie day and now my kitchen is full of sweet treats that I need to get rid of. I took quite a few cookies to work yesterday and my colleagues helped me eat them. 🙂 Thanks, guys!

What kind of inexpensive traditions do you like to do with your family & friends?

8 days until Christmas! ❤


7 thoughts on “Christmas Cookies!

  1. Cute Katie, only one broken leg? I was moving some stuff in the freezer & I dropped the box our decorated cookies are in! We’re having a broken cookie Christmas this year! They still taste good! 😋


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