Give A Free Gift

Hi friends! Thursday is almost over and it’s been a pretty good day in my neck of the woods. Last night Nate & I put up our feet and snuggled in to watch my all-time favorite Christmas special… Rudolph!

I’m ready for Friday to be here. I have fun plans for the weekend so the quicker, the better! We are also having a Christmas cookie & treat bake-off at work tomorrow. I didn’t enter anything, but I’m excited to see all the ideas that everyone else came up with. We also get to sample a few things. I’d better save some room at lunch!! 🙂

Today at work we got the opportunity to donate blood to the American Red Cross. A group of people at work had been putting it together and organizing everything for a few months, and today was the day it all paid off.

The big bus pulled into the parking lot, and we were ready to go!

Two awesome volunteers checking in the donors…


It was my first time donating blood and I was a bit nervous. I’ve sold plasma in the past when we first moved to TN and didn’t have much money. I wasn’t sure if the process would be similar or not. It was quite comparable, and after the preliminary questions & iron test was done, I was on my way. The needle going in the arm is always the worst part for me. I looked away for that bit, but the rest was a piece of cake. No nauseousness or anything!

After exiting the bus we had a table of sweet treats to help us recover. I had a donut and a cookie. Yep. Both.

We all got stickers and awesome bandages and the satisfaction that our donation could help save one or more people’s lives! How awesome is that?!

If you are eligible to donate blood and have the chance to do it at work or just by going to the Red Cross yourself, please do it! It’s a precious gift that you can give to someone who literally cannot LIVE without it. It costs nothing but about an hour of your time… ONE hour to save one or more people! If you want to find out more information about if/where/how you can donate in your area, please visit here.

Help save a life!


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