4 Healthy Meals for $4

News flash, friends: healthy eating does not have to be expensive! I was getting a bit bored of my standard lunches for work and needed a change. This week I mixed up my routine a bit and bought about a pound of SALMON (yum!) to bake up and take to work. Salmon is an incredibly healthy source of fats and protein, so that makes it even better! I was able to get 4 healthy meals prepped on Monday night for about $4 per serving.

We are heading into the holidays where we indulge in food & relaxation so I’m doing my best to keep my healthy eating up to par. It’s especially challenging to stay fit & healthy when you’re surrounded by Christmas goodies at work. We get a big thing of honey roasted peanuts and Christie Cookies sent to our office every Christmas. Ahh, keep the temptation away!!

Anyway, I topped the slabs of fish with a mango/sea salt seasoning, a bit of garlic powder, black pepper, and two scoops of coconut oil (about a teaspoon on each one) as a substitute for butter.


While the salmon was baking in the oven, I chopped veggies and lettuce to prep four small side salads. I usually have a bit more oomph to my salads, but I was shorthanded on veggies this week. 🙂 The salmon baked up gorgeously and I divided it into four portions that are easy to grab in the morning before work.

At Thanksgiving last week, my uncle introduced me to this amazing yogurt ranch dressing. There are only 45 calories per two tablespoons! And it tastes so good. I love the taste of ranch dressing so I’m glad to have found a version I don’t need to feel guilty about!







Salmon: $2.40/serving
Lettuce: $.90/serving
Carrots: $.40/serving
Dressing: $.25/serving

So there you have it! Four healthy meals for about $4 per serving. It’s better than eating out every day, and you’re getting some great nutrients into your diet.

What are some healthy, cost-effective recipes you enjoy for on-the-go lunches?


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