The Woman Behind the Blog

I’ve told you a bit about this space and what it will be used for, but now I’d like to introduce myself a bit more in depth. More than what you get on that little sidebar or on the “about me” page. So here we go!

My name is Katie and I live in Michigan for my entire childhood. I have 2 brothers and 2 parents. I love my family and while they all still live in Michigan, I now live in Nashville, Tennessee.

I first ventured away from home at the ripe old age of 19. I worked a second shift job for one year out of high school to prepare me for what was going to be the biggest adventure and the biggest risk I had ever taken. I was headed to Sydney, Australia to attend a Christian leadership college at Hillsong Church. I saved up money for nearly a year and then flew halfway across the world to a city where I knew absolutely zero people.


It turned out to be quite the life-changing experience. I first learned to live sans-parents here. I wasn’t fully supporting myself financially but I was learning how to shop, cook, and discipline myself. I was always a responsible person, but this really taught me how to do it on my own. I live in Sydney for 2 years attending college. I completed a certificate in music ministry and leadership. And then I found something very unexpected just before I went home…

My future husband! His name was Nathan and he was oh-so-cute! He had just finished his first year when I finished my second and he was planning to stay for a second year, so we dated long distance. Skype was our best friend! After 8 months of that, he decided to come home. A month after he landed on American soil, I flew out to his hometown of Spokane, Washington to spend some time with him and his family. On that trip, Nathan proposed and of course I said yes!

He moved to my hometown in Michigan so we could spend some actual face time with each other before we took the plunge. We were engaged for 5 months and got married in the dead of winter. It was a simple and beautiful wedding. One of the best days of my life so far!


Nathan had decided he really wanted to pursue a career in music. I wanted a career in care-taking and motherhood, so together we felt like Nashville was the place to begin our journey. We moved here about 3 weeks after we were married. We both got jobs when we moved here and took on the responsibility of paying off a huge amount of debt. We worked hard at it for 3 or 4 years and paid off about $15,000 of debt (most from my Sydney adventure). We also took on a new debt and invested in a certified pre-owned car, which is the only debt we have left at this point. We are on track to be debt-free in about 6 months, 2 years ahead of schedule on the car.

Today, our life direction has changed just a bit. I am currently working a full time job in life insurance. Nathan was working a full time job for the past 3 years but decided to do something more and try to find a career he enjoys as much as music. So he quit his job and took the last 6 months to attend Nashville Software School and learn about web development. He finished at the end of September and began the job hunt. Three weeks later, Nathan is now a web developer at a small company in Franklin, TN. In fact, today was his first day! He is also part of a few music projects that he really enjoys and has a lot to discover.

We hope to begin the next leg of our journey together…if you noticed, I said I want to be a mom. I really, truly do. All the screaming, snotting, puking, and pooping included. Some people think I’m crazy, but it truly is one of the greatest things I feel I can do with my life. So stay tuned for more on that… 🙂


I hope this gives you a bit more insight on who I am. Feel free to comment with any questions you may have.

Adios for now!


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